Complexion Category Page - Foundation

DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW | Clean Radiant Foundation - 24h Wear and Hydration
Best Seller
DIOR FOREVER GLOW VEIL | Radiance primer - 24h hydration - concentrated in floral skincare and hyaluronic acid
DIOR FOREVER CUSHION | 24h Hydration and Wear - High Perfection - Glow or Matte
DIOR FOREVER | Clean Matte Foundation - 24h Wear - No Transfer - Concentrated Floral Skincare
DIOR FOREVER VELVET VEIL | Clean blurring matte primer - 24h comfort and matte finish - enriched with floral extracts
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY FOUNDATION | Face and Body Foundation - Second-Skin Effect Natural Finish - Resistant to Water and Heat
Best Seller
DIOR BACKSTAGE FACE & BODY PRIMER | Professional performance - instant radiant blurring & plumping effect - mattifying - 24h hydration*
DIOR PRESTIGE | Foundation - Le Micro-Fluide Teint de Rose
DIOR PRESTIGE LIGHT-IN-WHITE LE PROTECTEUR UV MINÉRAL BB | Tinted Sunscreen - Protective and Anti-Aging Emulsion
DIOR PRESTIGE LE PROTECTEUR UV JEUNESSE ET LUMIÈRE SHEER GLOW | Exceptional Skin-Protecting and Correcting Fluid - Face and Neck
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL VELVET | No-Transfer Clean Compact Foundation - 90% Natural-Origin Ingredients
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL VELVET REFILL | No-Transfer Clean Compact Foundation Refill - 90% Natural-Origin Ingredients
DIOR FOREVER NATURAL NUDE LONGWEAR FOUNDATION | 24h* wear natural complexion - 96%** ingredients of natural origin
DIOR FOREVER PERFECT FIX | Face mist - makeup setting spray - longwear & instant hydration
DIOR FOREVER CUSHION SPONGE | Applicator for No-Transfer Matte Finish Cushion Foundation - 2 Sponges
DIOR FOREVER SKIN GLOW CUSHION SPONGE | Applicator for Hydrating Glow Finish Cushion Foundation - 2 Sponges
DIOR BACKSTAGE FULL COVERAGE FLUID FOUNDATION BRUSH N° 12 | Dior backstage full coverage fluid foundation brush n°12
DIOR BACKSTAGE KABUKI BRUSH N°17 | Retractable kabuki brush n°17
DIOR BACKSTAGE LIGHT COVERAGE FLUID FOUNDATION BRUSH N° 11 | Light coverage fluid foundation brush n° 11